Gourmet Tasting Menu "Mare"
  • Shellfish and amberjack with berries, almonds and Girgentana goat robiola cheese
  • Califlower wrapped in a chickling breading, seafood stew and oranges
  • Raviolo with red Mazara prawns, white zucchini and glasswort
  • Albacore fish on a bed of vegetable caponata, mushrooms and ginger
  • Passion fruit rice.banana and black ink
  • Sicilian Moito with nero d’Avola and lemon

Complete Menu: 120 € / person

Single Course: 35 € a persona

Desserts: 28 € a persona

Gourmet Tasting Menu "Terra"
  • Beef tartar, leeks and mustard ice cream
  • Black Sicilian filet,strawberries and melon with turmeric dressing
  • "Sicilian Maiorca" taglionini pasta with onions from Giarratana, yellow cherry tomato and bufalo stracciatella cheese
  • Free-range rooster, "baffa" zuchini gel with "tenerumi" and mint and lime bubbles”
  • Fennel flavoured caprino cheese with fresh herbs
  • Almonds and prickly pears

Complete Menu: 100 € / person

Single Course: 32 € a persona

Desserts: 28 € a persona